Dental Cleaning 

Dental cleanings are important to maintain your pet's health. Without cleanings your dog or cat is highly susceptible to tooth loss and nasty infections. 

We clean below the gum-line where bacteria build-up causing periodontal disease. With a machine similar to what your dentist uses, we scale each tooth, removing plaque and tartar from the crown (visible part of the tooth). 

We finish by polishing each tooth so that the surfaces are smooth, making it harder for bacteria and plaque to stick to the teeth. 

This procedure must be done under general anesthetic.


  • Appointment

  • Current on All Vaccines

  • Anesthesia Consent


  • Pre-anesthesia bloodwork


  1. Schedule appointment
    (205) 424-7387

  2. Bring your pet

  3. Sign surgery consent form

  4. Pick up the same day

Cost - $125

Our price includes:

  • Tooth-by-tooth cleaning

  • Anesthesia

  • Post-anesthesia monitoring in hospital

What We Do

  1. Technicians do pre-surgical bloodwork to confirm your pet's fitness for anesthesia (recommended but optional)

  2. Doctors review patient history and bloodwork results

  3. We clean tartar from each tooth with a special machine similar to what dentists use

  4. If any bad teeth are found, they are extracted
    (at additional fee)

  5. We call you with an update when your pet is awake

  6. We monitor your pet in recovery until ready to travel