Office Visits with a Doctor

We are here for you 7 days a week even without an appointment. 

Whether Fido has a funny rash, the new kitten has worms or it's just time for yearly shots, we are excited to meet and care for your fur baby. We promise to treat them like we do our own, give quality medical care, and keep our clients informed through ongoing discussions about their pet's health.

We Diagnose and Treat

If your dog or cat is showing symptoms of illness bring them by for us to see. We will start with a physical examination and talk with you about possible signs and symptoms. From there, we will discuss what treatment options or additional testing your pet needs.  

Drop by today or make an appointment for your dog's favorite doctor (205-424-7387)


Puppy & Kitten Care


Young animals' bodies change quickly and are prone to different health issues than we see in adult pets. Their lives can depend upon getting the right vaccines at the right time.

When you bring your puppy or kitten we do a comprehensive physical evaluation and administer the vaccines they need at that age. 

Your doctor will talk with you about training methods, diet, and what to expect with your growing companion.


Our Yearly Health Evaluation and Vaccinations

We do a full physical exam when we see your pet for their annual vaccinations. 
Read about our vaccine protocol for dogs and cats below. If you have any questions or would like a recommendation for a parasite prevention program our doctors would love to help you when we see your pet.


Recommended Additional Treatments:

  • Canine Influenza Vaccine
  • Intestinal Parasite Screening
  • Heartworm Check & Prevention*
    *Giving preventative to an infected dog can be fatal. We verify that your pet is heartworm-free on an annual basis before prescribing preventative. 


Core Vaccine Group

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella
    (D) distemper,
    (H) hepatitis, 
    (L) leptospirosis,
    (P) parainfluenza
    (P) parvovirus



Core Vaccine Group

  • Rabies
  • Feline Leukemia

Trauma Care

We are experienced trauma surgeons, ready and equipped to treat emergency cases ranging from poison to broken limbs and accidents with cars.

Bring your pet as soon as the injury happens. For urgent cases where every second counts, call us on your way so we can have a technician waiting for you with a gurney.  205-424-7387


Birds, Exotics and Pocket Pets

Photo by absolutimages/iStock / Getty Images

Many of our doctors are happy to provide routine care for pigs, birds, reptiles and pocket pets such as hamsters, gerbils, sugar gliders, rats, rabbits and ferrets. 

We recommend bringing your new pocket pet or reptile by our office the day you purchase him so that we can do a physical exam, check for and treat common parasites, discuss the diet, housing and other needs your unique new pet has. 

Our exotic and pocket pet services include:

  • physical exam
  • parasite treatment and control
  • diet, husbandry and housing advice
  • wing trim
  • nail trim

Microchip Identity Protection

In the unfortunate event your dog or cat is lost, make certain you are easy to contact. Our microchip injections last a lifetime and don't come off like collar tags can. It's a simple shot below the skin that gives you the peace of mind that comes from being able to recover your missing family member.

We include lifetime registration with Save This Life when we microchip your pet.

Every week someone comes to our clinic with a pet they've found in a dangerous situation. Often they are injured by cars or other animals when we see them. Just as often, they don't have their family's information on their collar. In these situations, the first thing we do to find the owner is to scan for a microchip. If the pet has an identifying microchip it is easy for us to call the owner and let them know their pet is safe in our care. Sadly, it usually isn't that easy, without any other identifying information, we must resort to sharing pictures on our facebook page in hope that someone recognises them.

Save This Life has patented a way to use Google to help you find your lost pet! Each Save This Life microchip number is searchable in Google. When someone finds a pet and Googles the microchip number, they can privately contact the pet owner through text and email. The pet owner receives a GPS map of where the person who found their pet is located