Pharmacy and Lab



We stock our pharmacy with thousands of medications ranging from simple antibiotics and arthritis medications to  more complex medications to treat anabolic diseases (such as Addison's, Cushing's, etc.)

We also offer all major heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention medications.

Bloodwork and Laboratory tests

Our lab is equipped to give us the fastest possible insight into your pet's health status. Our equipment allows us to run pre-surgical blood work moments before we operate. 

All routine blood work can be done in our lab and if we feel your pet needs any specialized testing, we have a courier transport the sample to the largest lab in the southeast for quick and accurate results.



Radiology and Ultrasound

In our radiology room we can shoot and develop x-ray films and contrast studies to quickly confirm diagnoses and get the details we need for treatment. 

Our ultrasound machine allows us to see inside your pet's womb or help us diagnose kidney or bladder conditions.