Spay / Neuter Your Pet at McAdory Vet

We strongly suggest getting your pet fixed by 6 months old. Doing it early is the best way to prevent bad habits from ever setting in but it is never too late to have your pet fixed.

Each of our surgeons have performed hundreds of successful spay and neuter operations and have a veterinary technician monitoring anesthesia and the patient's vitals at all times. After the procedure, pets are transferred to recovery where they are closely monitored as they wake up. If you would like, we will call with an update when your pet comes out of surgery. Once awake they are moved to the hospital where doctors and techs monitor their progress and judge their comfort level. 



  • Book appointment (205) 424-7387
  • Bring us your pet by 8 a.m. on surgery day
  • Sign surgery consent form
  • Pick up the next day

In our care:

  • Technicians do pre-surgical bloodwork to confirm your dog's fitness for anesthesia and surgery. 
    Bloodwork is optional but strongly recommended
  • Your doctor reviews patient history and bloodwork results before going into surgery
  • Your dog or cat is given anesthetic and your doctor operates while a technician closely monitors vital signs and anesthesia. 
  • We call you after surgery to let you know how your pet is doing (if requested)
  • Your pet stays in recovery overnight and should be ready to go home the next day


  • Surgery Appointment
  • Current rabies vaccine
  • Anesthesia consent
  • 24 hour hospital stay


Our price includes: Anesthesia, Surgery, Follow-up exam, and stitch removal


Male - $96
Female - $130
$13 anesthesia charge for male  over 70 lbs. 
$15 anesthesia charge for female over 70 lbs



Male - $75
Female - $110

We offer the opportunity for you to get pre-surgical bloodwork and pain management medications for your pet with these surgical procedures. Talk with your doctor for more details.