Surgical Procedures

No doctor can guarantee that othing will go wrong but we always do our best to achieve a good outcome. We strongly believe in being straightforward with our clients before any procedure. We will always have a discussion with you about the outcome we hope for, the risks your pet faces and provide you with a printed cost estimate. 
e don't offer payment plans, instead we accept Care Credit.

We schedule routine procedures to be performed Monday through Friday by appointment. 


Neurological procedures

Many of our patients see us for treatment related to intervertebral or cervical disk disease and damage. We identify and thoroughly assess high-risk patients and have a discussion with their owners very early on so that preventative measures and medical management can begin before surgical intervention is necessary.

When surgical repair of intervertebral or cervical disks becomes necessary, Dr. Armstrong or Dr. Susan Parsons will discuss your dog's condition and the level of improvement you can hope for in similar cases.  

Dr. Armstrong is available for neurological consults Wednesdays from 4 pm - 9 pm and Thursdays from 8 am - 4 pm. Dr. Parsons is available for neurological consults Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Orthopedic procedure

We regularly perform a variety of orthopedic procedures to repair injuries that have left our patients in pain and with limited mobility.

Our surgeons perform Internal Fixation Procedures (fracture repair with pins, screws, plates surgically inserted into the bone) and Joint Stabilization - ACL


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Spay / neuter

Each of our surgeons have performed hundreds of successful spay and neuter operations and have a veterinary technician monitoring anesthesia and the patient's vitals at all times.

Our spay / neuter page has important information about pricing, the process, and your options during the patient's hospital stay.